Team Infinite Results 7/3/2017


Jennifer Moore Lovett

FPO – 3rd out of 3
Tommy Schumpert Open
Knoxville, Tennessee
June 24 2017




Jody Oberman Dixon

FPO – 1st
Race for The Cup #4
Keizer, Oregon
June 24 2017





Dalton Burrup

MA1 – 4th out of 16
4th Annual Lucy’s Open
Idaho Falls, Idaho
June 24 2017

“Played in the the Lucy’s open in Idaho falls Idaho today. Took 4th in advanced in a tough field even though taking 4 double bogeys and 6 bogeys between two rounds! Managed to forget all of the OB strokes and got a lot of birdies out there as well! Got to play with several other team infinite guys and congrats to Mason Foltz on finishing 2nd!”

Robby Harris

MA1 – 3rd out of 17
Tomato Toss 8
Brandon, Mississippi
June 24 2017

7th out of 46
2nd Annual Red White & Booom
Dayton, Ohio
July 1-2 2017

Alex Sakash

AM1 – T6th
Trilogy Challenge
June 24 2017

“Poured the second we went out to play, deluge for the last 3 holes, and then sun and gorgeous about 5 mins after the last card came in.”


Team Infinite Results 6/19/2017

Holly Saugling

2nd out of 5
Eagles Wings Kenilworth Your Disc Golf Tournament
Pottstown, Pennsylvania
June 17 2017




Alec Falzone

MPO – 8th out of 21
Sandhills Hybrid Invitational
Whispering Falls, North Carolina
June  17-18 2017

“I was able to keep the MPO cash streak alive this weekend at the Sandhills Hybrid B-Tier! The course was just shy of 16,000 feet through 27 holes.. Each round took us around 6 hours, and we had pretty much every type of weather you could imagine within that timeframe aside from snow..

8th place felt very disappointing, BUT I think I have found my putting stroke. Looking forward to the rest of the summer season!”

Deann Donaldson

FPO – 3rd out of 6
Sandhills Hybrid Invitational
Whispering Falls, North Carolina
June 17-18 2017

Ryan Flahive

MA1 – T-20th out of 43
High Plains Challenge
Fort Morgan, Colorado
June 17-18 2017

“The High Plains Challenge in Fort Morgan, Colorado was an education. The long-standing A tier features 2 nasty long, tight courses that ate my lunch.

The 10,000 foot tournament layout at Optimist DGC is perhaps the most difficult course I’ve ever experienced in nearly 20 years playing this game–I struggled and scored a pair of 72s (908, 913 rated) in rounds 1 and 3. I fared better in sustained 20 mph winds at the Pessimist DiscGolfPark, a beautifully designed par 61 where I scored a respectable 64 (941 rated) in round 2. I do wish we could have played Pessimist twice, it was the better course of the two.

I had fun playing with great Denver area guys, most 15 years my younger, but feel like my age has caught up to me; Masters golf eligibility in January can’t come soon enough.

I’ve slunk back to Santa Fe with my tail between my legs with hopes for a better showing at the next event in August. Onward!”


Team Infinite Results 6/12/2017

Paul Koebke Barsic

MA1 – 3rd place out of 61
25th Annual Mad City Open
Madison, Wisconsin
June 10-11 2017

“I Played consistently solid the whole weekend and if I could’ve made some more putts would’ve had three great rounds.”


Jory Reid

MA1 – Tied 17th out of 72
Beaver State Fling Amateur
Estacada, Oregon
June 10-11 2017

“Well, the Beaver State Fling is in the books! I had a great first round and was on lead card second round. Second round was exhausting and I slipped from 2nd place to 20th. Third round my arm felt like hamburger so I focused on form and disced down often and was able to keep it together. I got my 5 on 1200 footer and birded 17 East! These are two of the greatest courses I’ve ever played. The event is well run and the people were an absolute blast. I finished tied for 17th after round 3. I will always try to get into this tourny from here on out.”


Cameron Beck

MA2 – 13th out of 38
The Nati Big 3Cincinnati, Ohio
June 10-11 2017

“Came in 13 of 38 in MA2 (enough to cash woohoo) with a very strange mix of rounds. I wanted to shoot between 54-51 at banklick but ended up with a 57. Was shooting for sn 80 at idlewild and ended up with a 71 which was 1 off the hot round. Then finished with a 71 at Mt airys after losing my favorite purple valkyrie off a terrible tree kick. Fun weekend but can definetly shoot better!”


Alex Sakash

MA1 – 11th out of 18
J Park Jammer X
Coeymans, NY
June 10 2017

“Well my first time missing cash this year at J Park Jammer X in Coeymans, NY yesterday. Played this only because my friend Anthony kept telling me I had to play this course. Probably should have known better.

Waking up at 445a to drive 3 hours to a course I’ve never seen before for a tournament of of 45 holes (18 round 1, and the full 27 hole layout round 2) wasn’t exactly the best idea I’ve ever had.

Even still, I earned some birdies, deserved some bogeys, but got killed byback to back sixes in round 2. Dug myself a pretty deep hole I never quite got out of. In a field of locals where I was the lowest rated player in MA1 and one of the few playing blind, I’ll take 2 rounds above my rating.

Got to hand my code card out to a bunch of new friends, too!”





Team Infinite Results 6/5/2017

Jordan Parks
1st Place out of 70 players
Trilogy Challenge
Three Rivers, Michigan
June 3 2017

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, tree and outdoor













Alec Falzone
6th place out of 12
2017 Big Valley Challenge
Durham, North Carolina
June 3-4 2017


Team Infinite Awards 5/31/2017

Team Infinite member Robby Harris has been awarded with the 2016 Southern Nationals Tournament Director of the Year!

Robby was the head TD for over 20 PDGA sanctioned and Southern National events. Players in the south submit the nominees, and the Southern National Board of Directors votes on who wins the award. Robby says, ” You put on the best events you can and just grow the sport to the best of your ability.”

Great job Robby for representing our sport so well!






Team Infinite Results for November



William Trimble enjoys shorts and tee-shirt weather in Florida at the Chainhawk Open






Ratings Updates– I have listed everyone that received a ratings bump in November or December, or both!

Karissa Donaldson #83450: From 665 to 719; +54
Andrew “Big Country” Belet #55114: From 854 to 872 to 873; +19
Jonathan Grimes #82885: From 910 to 927 (Nov.); +17
Rodney Tripp #78186: From 933 to 937 to 944; +11
Holly Saugling #78655: From 419 (Oct.) to 430 (Dec.); +11
Casey Lee #63411: From 928 to 933 to 937; +9
Alec Falzone #57550: From 954 to 960 to 961; +7
Robby Harris #43412: From 943 (Nov.) to 949 (Dec.); +6
John Saugling #68406: From 893 to 899 (Nov.); +6
Paul Kb #76745 From 939 to 944 (Dec.); +5
Taylor Salanoa #76083: From 929 (Nov.) to 934 (Dec.); +5
William Trimble #71368: From 882 to 887 (Nov.); +5
Alex Sakash #87695: From 881 to 886 (Nov.); +5
Cameron Beck #78346: From 867 to 872 (Nov.); +5
Nick Lopez #60929: From 934 to 938 (Nov.); +4
Connor Kisling #83766: From 876 to 880 (Nov.); +4
Jake La”Putt”ka #52776: From 971 to 974 (Nov.); +3
Deann Donaldson #66842: From 839 to 840 to 842; +3
Christopher Ostheimer #76726: From 838 to 841 (Nov.); +3
Jennifer Lovett #63271: From 682 (Oct.) to 685 (Dec.); +3
Justin Bilodeau #45478: From 976 to 977 (Nov.); +1
Tony Martinez #43921: From 976 to 977 (Nov.); +1
Ted Hegemann #59765: From 859 to 860 (Nov.); +1
Brian Cole #46301: Stays at 978 (Nov.)

Belch’n Turkey XIV (PDGA B-tier); Chattanooga, TN 11/26/2016
Jennifer Lovett: 3rd Place FPO

Adair Classic (PDGA B-tier); Corvallis, OR 11/12-13/2016
Brian Cole: 8th Place MPO

6th Annual Valdosta Open (PDGA B-tier); Valdosta, GA 11/12-13/2016
William Trimble: Tie 18th Place MA2

5th Annual Chain Hawk Open – Ams (PDGA B-tier); Jonesville/Gainesville, FL 12/3-4/2016
William Trimble: 22nd Place MA2

Fall Classic (PDGA B/C-tier); Tolland, CT 11/26/2016
Alex Sakash: 3rd Place MA2

Fairgrounds Fundraiser (PDGA C-tier); Logan, UT 11/12/2016
Steve Suhaka: Tie 3rd Place MPO
Kesler Martin #88497: Tie 3rd Place MPO
Nick Lopez: 7th Place MPO
Bob Davies #27055: 11th Place MPO
Nate Reiner #55277: 12th Place MPO
Rodney Tripp: 1st Place MA1
Casey Lee: 2nd Place MA1
Alan Barker #66339: 3rd Place MA1
Bradley Bauer #78607: Tie-5th Place MA1
Jace Smellie #64593: 9th Place MA1
Dylan Durrant #78185: 1st Place MA2
“Turbo” Ted Hegemann: 5th Place MA2

Victory Junction’s Inaugural Campership Classic (PDGA C-tier); 11/20/2016
Jacob Byrd #76723: 6th Place MA1

Bradford Open (PDGA C-tier); Huntersville, NC 11/19/2016
Deann Donaldson: 2nd Place FPO

CADL Presents: The Downtown Urban Open 5 (PDGA C-tier); Cary, NC 11/27/2016
Deann Donaldson: 3rd Place FPO

2016 PDGA Director’s Cup (PDGA C-tier); Crown Point, IN
Markus Mika #47001: 3rd Place MPM

11th Annual West Coast College Open (PDGA C-tier; Team format: Match play, with individual results for girls and extra players)
Jake LaPutka: Played as University of Oregon’s #2 seed and goes undefeated; Oregon Ducks win the tournament
Karissa Donaldson: 5th Place FA1

3rd Annual Shawn Dawson Memorial (PDGA C-tier); Pueblo, CO 11/12-13/2016
Andrew “Big Country” Belet: Tie-7th Place MA2

*Authored by Jake LaPutka

Team Infinite Results 11/7/2016

As winter gets closer, let’s see what our team members are up to!


Taylor Salanoa #76083, Left, and Rodney Tripp #78186, Right, sneak a round in at Goblin Valley after round 1 at the Green River Open. The extra play paid off because Taylor got his first cash in Open and Rodney took down the Intermediate division! Nice work guys!


William Trimble #71368 helped install these brand new concrete tees at a new course in a park called Northside Park

4th Annual King of the Island (PDGA C-Tier), Cramerton, NC 11/6
Deann Donaldson #66842: 1st Place FPO, Congrats!

Green River Open (PDGA C-Tier), Green River, UT 11/5-6
Taylor Salanoa #76083: 5th Place MPO – First time cashing in Open, congrats Taylor!
Rodney Tripp #78186: 1st Place MA2 – 979 Average for 2 rounds, bagger! Nice Win!

2016 PDGA Directors Cup (PDGA C-Tier), Crown Point, IN 11/5-6
Markus Mika #4700: 3rd Place White Division – Hot round 2!

Hyzerflipadelphia Open (PDGA C-Tier), Philadelphia, PA 11/5
John Saugling #68406: 3rd Place MM1 – Hot round 2!
Holly Saugling #78655: 1st Place FJ1 – Averaged above her rating!

The Oak Hollow Affair (PDGA C-Tier), Plattsmouth, NE 11/5
Christopher Ostheimer #76726: 3rd Place MA2

Oregon Collegiate Disc Golf League (Unsanctioned), Estacada, OR 11/6
Jake LaPutka (Oregon Ducks): Tie 3rd Place Men’s division
Karissa Donaldson (Oregon Ducks): Tie 2nd Place Women’s division
Team results: Oregon Ducks win

*Authored by Jake LaPutka